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Reserve Book Procedures

In order to insure the availability of materials for a class, instructors place materials on reserve in the Library. The instructor comes to the Circulation desk and request a reserve form and provides essential information about his/her materials. The Circulation staff then processes the information into Voyager, the Library Management System (L.S.) to create record of this material so that it can be charged out to patrons.

Before a faculty member can place an item on reserve, a REQUEST FOR RESERVE MATERIALS form must be filled out by the faculty member. These forms can be obtained from the Reserve notebook. Material is placed on reserve in alphabetical order under the instructor's last name.

NOTE: The Library does not provide notebooks for professors Xeroxed materials. They must provide their own. The barked and sensor will be placed in the notebook and personal copies only at the request of the faculty member.

Regulations for Course Reserve Materials

Reserve materials are housed in the Circulation Department for the sole purpose of having material available for students as required by certain instructors. There are several types of materials kept on Reserve: library books, personal copies, Xeroxed materials and journals (personal copies only).

The majority of reserve materials are personal copies and Xeroxed material. The following policies regarding reserve materials are currently adhered to:

  1. Only ONE reserve item is used at a time.
  2. A time restriction of 2 hours is placed on reserve material.
  3. Reserve materials DO NOT leave the library nor do they circulate overnight.
  4. When materials are not returned within 2 hours a fine of $.50 per hour is assessed to the patron.
  5. Students must present a validated ID card for the current semester and sign and date the reserve card.
  6. Books are shelved on the counter height unit behind the Circulation desk and on the shelf behind the Circulation desk under the instructor's last name.
  7. Xeroxed material is also housed in the drawers behind the Circulation desk by the instructor's last name.
  8. All students, including graduate students, must have validated ID cards to use reserve materials.
  9. A notebook file is kept at the Circulation desk for all reserve material. It is filed alphabetically by the instructor's last name.
  10. As materials are removed, the sheet is also removed and placed at the back of the notebook.
  11. If all materials are removed, the sheet is also removed and placed at the back of the notebook.

Procedures for Placing Items on Reserve

An instructor may place books or photocopied materials on reserve at any time during the course of a semester. The following steps are taken to ensure accuracy and expediency.

  1. The instructor brings the materials to the Circulation desk. (Personal material or library materials).
  2. The person serving the desk will provide the instructor with a REQUEST FOR RESERVE MATERIALS form, which he/she must complete in order for request to be filled.
  3. Materials are processed shortly after they are received by the Circulation Department.
  4. The reserve form is filled out as completely as possible and placed in the "Current Reserves" binder which is kept behind the Circulation Desk.
  5. Each item submitted by an instructor is entered into the database and is identified by a barked number.
  6. A brooded card is placed in each book or on each piece of photocopied material. The card contains the instructor's name, the course number and name, and title of the book or article.
  7. The item is placed in its respective place and is then ready for use by the patron when requested at the Circulation Desk.

REMINDERS: All materials photocopied for reserve must adhere to regulations of the Copyright law.

The Circulation Department does not accept video tapes for reserve because of possible copyright infringement.

The Library is NOT responsible for the theft or mutilation of personal materials.
Faculty members are encouraged to provide as much information as possible regarding the item(s) being placed on reserve.

At the end of each semester, the Circulation Department request that the instructor retrieve his/her materials and release materials owned by the Library, only if it is not to be used the next semester.

Books from Curriculum, Reference, and Special Collections are NOT placed on reserve from the Circulation Desk.

Only personal copies of books, journals, magazines, or any other periodical may be placed on reserve at the Circulation Desk.

The Library reserves the right to place time limits on ALL RESERVE MATERIALS.