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Circulation Department Policies and Procedures

Regulations for Circulating Materials

  1. In order to check materials out from the Alabama State University Library, users are required to present an AS validated picture ID card, or ID card with MH consortium sticker.
  2. The ID card holder is responsible for all library material checked out on his/her card. A lost ID card should be reported immediately to the Campus Security so that further charges on that card can be blocked.
  3. A library user is responsible for paying all overdue fines, charges and processing fees for damaged or lost items to the University Cashier's Office.
  4. The length of time that reserve materials may be checked out is two hours. Reserve materials are for INSIDE USE ONLY.
  5. Serials, Reference and Special Collections materials DO NOT CIRCULATE.
  6. Normally, circulating materials may be renewed only once. If the item has been requested by another patron, there are no renewals.
  7. A recall request may be placed on an item currently in circulation. If it has been out for seven (7) days or longer, it will be recalled immediately; otherwise, the item will be recalled seven day after the date it was checked out.
  8. A library user will be assessed a fine if an item is not returned by its due date, which does not include the grace period of seven days. The fines for all users is twenty-five cents (.25) per day, per item, according a maximum fine of $10.00 per item.
  9. University faculty and staff will notify Alabama State University Library to clear their library obligations before they exit the University.
  10. A dispute about an overdue fine or a charge for a damaged book(s) should be discussed with the Circulation Librarian or the Circulation Assistant. If the book is from the Curriculum area, then the patron should be referred to that area. If the matter is not resolved at that point, the patron may request that it be considered by the Head of Public Services, or the Director of the Library.
  11. Interlibrary Loan services are available on to Alabama State University faculty, staff and enrolled students.