Alabama State University


Interested in gaining experience in an archive? Need somewhere to put your skills to use? Want to know more about how an archive works? Consider volunteering at our archives. Fill out this short form and someone from the Archives will contact you shortly.

Back Row: Jason Trawick, Cassandra Cavness, Timothy Vasser, Yannick Kouaho, Howard Robinson. Front Row: Volunteer Miah Drake, Volunteer Barbara Allen, Frazine Taylor, Volunteer Patricia Elaine Smith, Volunteer Elvin Lang

Current Volunteers

Barbara Allen
B.A. Social Science (Clark College)
M.S. Social Work (Atlanta University)
Miah Drake
B.S. Office Administration, minor Management (Alabama State University)
M.Ed. Elementary Education (Alabama State University)
Patricia Elaine Smith
B.A. History (Bethune-Cookman College)
M.A History (Boston University)