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Collection Policy

The primary focus of Alabama State University Archives is to identify and acquire, organize and preserve, collections, particularly primary source materials that document the history and the internal operations of Alabama State University. The Archives prioritizes the collection of material that shed light on how the school influenced African Americans in Montgomery, in Alabama, around the southeast, and throughout the nation. It is also the goal of the Archives to develop and catalog materials that will preserve and make available for study resources related to the people, aims, strategies, and achievements of the Modern Civil Rights Movement. Particular attention is given to materials whose content shows the intersection of civil rights activism and Alabama State University as well as items illustrating instances where the local movement connects with wider civil rights initiatives. Finally, the Alabama State University Archives will collect materials that reflect the cultural expressions of African Americans, particularly those from Alabama. However, the Archives will also consider other material that may not clearly match the aforementioned criteria on a case by case basis.