Alabama State University

Archiving the Nest: Alabama State University and the COVID-19 Pandemic

The mission of Alabama State University's Archives is to preserve and make accessible the materials which document the experiences of ASU students, staff, faculty, alumni, and other members of the campus community.

To that end, we are soliciting digital artifacts that show what life was like during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to add to our collections. We invite you to share your stories, photos, videos, emails, social media posts, and other documentation of your life during this unprecedented time. Understanding that the pandemic is ongoing, material created in real-time (for example, journal entries or tweets) or upon reflection are welcomed.

Your submissions do not have to be lengthy nor academic in nature. The ASU Archives strives to capture a complete picture of campus life. In years past, those experiences included wars, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights Movement. We need our ASU family to let us know how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you.

What was the experience of leaving campus like? Has your idea of "home" changed? Faculty, how was your pivot to online teaching? These are just a few of the questions we need your help answering for future generations of researchers.

Please comply with county and state stay-at-home orders while self-documenting.

The ASU Archives is grateful for those willing to share their stories. Please contact with any questions.