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The Levi Watkins Learning Center and the National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African-American Culture at Alabama State University established and maintains this website in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery Voting Rights March of 1965. The website will include information about the people and events that galvanized the voting rights campaign of 1965, a map of the route taken by the marchers from Selma to Montgomery, a list of the sites along the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail, and other pertinent information on this historic freedom movement. It will also be a central location for a calendar of programs and events during Alabama State University’s celebration of this historic episode.

The National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African-American Culture (National Center) is a repository and research center committed to providing access to research materials for academic, personal, and professional scholarship. The Center’s mission is to foster research, teaching and learning as an outgrowth of its collections, thereby stimulating an understanding of and appreciation for civil rights and African-American culture in the American South. The Center’s repository is a growing database of information on African American’s journey to freedom in their struggle for civil rights, with an emphasis on their fight for the right to vote. The Center’s collection primarily targets Alabama State University, Montgomery residents, businesses, and organizations, with records reaching from the Civil War to current times. Thank you for visiting our website; we invite you to also visit Alabama State University, the Levi Watkins Learning Center, and the National Center to discover more of the illustrious history and culture of Montgomery’s African-American citizenry.

Website Authors, Editors, and Contributors

Dr. Janice R. Franklin, Project Director
Dr. Dorothy Autrey, Program Chair, Historian
Dr. Howard Robinson, University Archivist, Historian
Dorothy Walker, Cultural Heritage Manager
Brandon Owens, Staff Associate, Historian
Mitzi Townes, Librarian, Historian
Evelyn Bowen, Staff Associate
Jina Duvernay, Staff Associate
Marcus Dickerson, Cataloging Metadata Assistant
Derrick Bryant, Special Collections Assistant
Cedric Davis, Website Manager

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From the mural “We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest”
ASU and Voting Rights Image:
by Vincent Morgan

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Chambless King Architects