The National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African-American Culture at Alabama State University is pleased to accept financial contributions and donations of material items to support its effort to collect, preserve, and disseminate information pertaining to the 1965 Voting Rights Campaign and Alabama State University’s role in this historic episode. Financial contributions in any amount are tax deductible and sincerely appreciated.

Material collections to our National Center may include historical manuscripts, photographs, books, letters, diaries, programs, artwork, sculpture, or other types of memorabilia, artifacts or documents pertaining to the Voting Rights Campaign in Alabama. In addition to the Center’s interest in information about African Americans’ voting rights struggle; it has a special interest in materials relating to Montgomery and, specifically, the history of Alabama State University faculty, alumni, and students in the fight for blacks’ right to vote and the civil rights movement as a whole. The Center would also appreciate opportunities to copy materials that may not be available for donation. Arrangements may be made for material gifts to be deeded to the National Center or for such gifts to be obtained on loan. Special conditions for use or ownership of materials may also be considered. Please contact us at the address below. We appreciate your support of our efforts to build a National Center for research and preservation of information pertaining to the history and culture of African-Americans.

Please make checks payable to the ASU Foundation and write National Civil Rights Center in the reference section. Financial and material donations may be mailed to:

The National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African-American Culture at Alabama State University
P.O. Box 271
Montgomery, AL 36101-0271

Questions concerning contributions may be emailed to the following address:

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