The University Library and the Learning Resources' Curriculum Materials Center serve as a support service to the teaching and learning functions of the university community. Largely because the center is the public review site for the adoption of Alabama's textbooks, its textbook collection continue to grow and remain current.

Services provided by the center includes the following:

Curriculum Material Center Collections: The Curriculum Material Center Collections houses a K-12 collection that is evolving. It is geared toward offerings that are educational,diverse, and cultural. The individual collections contain fiction, non-fiction, reference materials, books, videos, audio visual materials and equipment, CD-ROMS, and DVDs. The CMC has a Curriculum Textbook collection, Curriculum Juvenile collection, Curriculum Stax collection, a Vertical and Picture File, and the University's Media Collection.

Types of materials available for use include curriculum guides, motion pictures, video cassettes, VHS tapes, LPs, lesson plans, transparencies, units, textbooks, school report forms, bulletin boards materials, file folder games, educational games, devices and kits, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and manipulatives.

Location: The Curriculum Materials Center is located on the second floor of the Levi Watkins Learning Center. It occupies 6,116 sq. ft. of floor space and has the capacity to house more than 18,000 items. It seats about 75 person and allows students access to open stacks.