Alabama State University Has had an early and strong emphasis on the education department. The Curriculum Materials Center grew out of this strong educational emphasis. The center roots trace back to the early sixties, where a void was discovered in the area of curriculum development. Textbooks used in the Alabama public schools were then ordered for the use of students in the education classes.

The center was approved by the administration and established in the G, W. Trenholm Library during the 1968-69 school year. The area expanded rapidly while in the Trenholm Library, until it was in 1970-71 to the library Annex on Thurman Street. It remained in that location until 1977, when the present day library, in the Levi Watkins Learning center, was completed.

In 1982 The Curriculum Materials Center became a public review site for the adoption of textbooks for the state of Alabama.

Key persons involved in the development of the Curriculum Materials Center are as follows: