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The PATRONS of the National Center is a support and advocacy group for the National Center. The organization offers opportunities for interested community groups, businesses, and individuals to connect to, celebrate, and contribute to the National Center and to the advancement of its mission. The principal purpose of the PATRONS is to support the National Center and its mission through fund-raising and volunteer activities.

Left to right: Vera B. Jordan, Beatrice R. Coley, Dorothy Posey Jones, Donna J. Armstead, Mary C. Marshall, Dr. Voncile B. Gowdy, Barbara Sawyer, Hattie Minter, Carole K. Burton, Jean Graetz, Rev. Robert S. Graetz, Hazel Youngblood, Dr. Alma S. Freeman, Barbara S. Weatherly, Zenobia Blackman, Doris F. Sanders

A slideshow detailing information about the members of the PATRONS group and the services and programs it provides.


To carry out its purpose, the PATRONS support group is guided by the following objectives:

  • To plan and execute events and projects for cultural enrichment and fund-raising;
  • To provide a pool of responsible and informed volunteers who will assist with National Center activities (e. g. collections, exhibitions, tours, research, cultural programs, local school projects);
  • To increase community awareness of and support for the National Center.


Membership in the PATRONS of the National Center is open to individuals, corporations, businesses, organizations, and other legal entities interested in supporting the purpose, objectives, and activities of the PATRONS and of the National Center.

Join the PATRONS and support the National Center in collecting, preserving, and disseminating information about the Civil Rights Movement and African-American culture, with a focus on Alabama and Montgomery.
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The National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African-American Culture at Alabama State University
P.O. Box 271
Montgomery, AL 36101
(334) 229-4824 or (334) 229-4106

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Alabama State University

Levi Watkins Library

Upcoming and Recent Programs

March 6 - August 28

50th Anniversary Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March: A Celebration of Freedom and Democracy

A juried exhibition from members of the National Alliance Of Artists from Historically Black Colleges And Universities (NAAHBCU)

Artists’ Reception
March 22, 2015 | 3 ‐ 5 p.m.
1345 Carter Hill Road
Montgomery, Alabama

Exhibit runs March 6 - August 28 (Excluding Holidays)

For more information, call 334-229-4824 or 334-229-4106.

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