About the Collection

The Viola Liuzzo Collection includes: Transcripts and summaries of interviews conducted during the research period by Mary Stanton, author of a book about Liuzzo. Photos of individuals, Liuzzo family members, and press photos, First draft of From Selma to Sorrow when it was titled Relentless: The Viola Liuzzo Story, Correspondence between the author and the Liuzzo family, DVD of FBI File on Viola Liuzzo, Book Proposal, Copy of Tommy Rowe’s “My Life In the FBI”, File of sources contacted during the research for the book, Video of Home of the Brave the Academy Award nominated documentary based on From Selma To Sorrow, Reviews of From Selma To Sorrow---reaction to publication, Copy of Shelly Evan’s screenplay From Selma To Sorrow, and Video tape of author’s interviews about From Selma To Sorrow.