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Dr. Banks

Reference Sources | CQ Researcher | Magazine, Journal, & Newspaper Articles | Books

The purpose of this course research guide is to acquaint you with some of the resources in the University Library useful for doing research on your informative and persuasive speech topics. Should you have questions, stop by the Reference Desk on the first floor. You may also call the Reference Desk at (334) 229-4110 during the hours the Library is open.

Reference Sources

Sources in the Library's Reference Collection and similar sources online are a great place to start your research. They'll provide background information on your topic and can help you find brief factual information quickly.

As you explore these sources, write down words that describe your topic. You'll be able to use these later when you search for articles and books. Also make a note of people and organizations related to your topic. As you continue with your research, you may find that you need to return to these reference sources for additional information.


Subject encyclopedias focus on specific subject areas. Below are a few examples of these encyclopedias. Ask at the Main Reference Desk on the first floor for assistance with finding a subject encyclopedia that is appropriate for your speech topic.

  • Encyclopedia of Education
    Main Reference: LB 15 .E47 2003
  • Women's Issues
    Main Reference: HQ 1115. W66 1997
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
    available online through Health & Wellness Resource Center

CQ Researcher

Each CQ Researcher (ASU) report focuses on a single topic related to social, economic, political, health, or environmental issues. They provide a chronological overview and detail recent developments and opposing viewpoints. Each includes a bibliography that can lead you to other sources of information on your topic.

Magazine, Journal, & Newspaper Articles

The best method for finding articles is to use one of the Library's online article databases. These are easily accessible in the residence halls and off campus by clicking on the database name and typing in the information requested. If you need additional assistance with accessing the databases, contact Cedric Davis at (334) 229-6998.

While you'll find the text of many articles in these databases, some articles are not full text. If the text of an article is not available in the database you are searching, first check for the magazine, journal, or newspaper title in:

If you don't find it listed in Serials Solutions, check HORNetCat, the Library's online catalog. Type in the the magazine, journal, or newspaper title and click on Journal Title in the Find Results in box.

  • HORNetCat - Is it available in the Serials Department on the Library's third floor?

Magazines & Journals



Because of their length, books can provide a more in-depth look at topics than articles do.

  • HORNetCat - for finding books in the Library
  • netLibrary (ASU) - access to the full text of books online

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