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OTH 327: Occupational Therapy Fundamentals
Mrs. Angela Davis

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The purpose of this course research guide is to familiarize you with some of the resources in the University Library and on the World Wide Web useful for locating information on occupational therapy.

Please contact Inga Moten for any questions at (334) 229-1074 or For assistance while in the Library, visit the Health Sciences Desk on the 4th floor. That phone number is (334) 229-6827.

Reference Sources

Sources in the Library's Health Sciences Reference Collection can be found in the shelving area behind the Health Sciences Desk. Browse the Health Sciences Reference for books starting with the call numbers below. The same call numbers correspond with materials in other collection in the Library.

  • R
    Health Issues

  • RM
    Occupational Therapy
    Physical Therapy
    Recreational Therapy


  • Dictionary for Developmental Disabilities
    Health Reference RJ 135.A23 1996
  • Idyll Arbor's Glossary for Therapists
    Health Reference RM 930. B87 1997
  • Key Words in Physical Rehabilitation: A Guide to Contemporary Usage
    Health Reference RM 930 .K47 1995
  • Pocket Guide to Treatment in Occupational Therapy
    Health Reference RM 735.3 .S74 2000
  • Quick Reference Dictionary for Occupational Therapy, 2nd ed.
    Health Reference RM 735 .J33 1999


  • Reference Manual of the Official Documents of the American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.
    Health Reference RM 735 .A1 1996


  • Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics Reference Guide
    Health Reference RM 735.4 .A44 1996


  • Occupational Therapy Assessment Tools: An Annotated Index, 2nd ed.
    Health Reference RM 735.3 .A84 1996

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Books, Videos and Other Materials

Books, videos, and materials located in the Library can be found on HORNetCat, the Library's online catalog. Items may be searched by title, author, keyword and subject. Examples of three sources that can be found in the HORNetCat are:

  • Occupational Therapy, A Commitment to Caring
    Curricumum/Media video RM 735.4 .O23 1991
  • Occupational Therapy as a Career: An Introduction to the Field and a Structured Method for Observation
    Main Stax RM 735.4 .A53 1999
  • Quick Reference to Occupational Therapy, 2nd ed
    Main Stax RM 735.3 .R44 2001

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Magazine, Journal, & News Articles and Devices

The best method for finding articles from journals and newspapers is to use one of the Library's online article databases. The premier database for occupational therapy is Occupational Therapy Bibliographic System with OT Search.

Occupational Therapy Bibliographic System [ASU]

    Logon Name: alabama
    Password: stateuniv

If the text of an article is not available in the database you are searching, first check for the magazine,
journal, or newspaper title in:

If you don't find it listed in Serials Solutions, check HORNetCat, the Library's online catalog.
Type in the title of the magazine, journal, or newspaper title and click on Journal Title in
the "Find Results in:" box.

  • HORNetCat - Is it available in the Serials Department on the Library's third floor?

Additional Databases

Additional databases that provide related information are listed. For a complete of list of databases that support the Health Sciences, click on Electronic Databases link from the Library's Home Page.

  • ABLEDATA - Assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment
  • Academic Search Premier [ASU] - Full text for nearly 3,500 scholarly publications
  • CINAHL [ASU] - Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature
  • MedlinePlus - Consumer health database from the National Library of Medicine
  • Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe [ASU] - Newspaper articles and full-text journals
  • PubMed - Medicine database from the National Library of Medicine
  • PsycINFO [ASU] - Psychological Abstracts from 1887

Our databases are now easily accessible off campus by clicking on the database name and typing in the information requested. If you need additional assistance with accessing the databases, contact Randy Curtis (334 229-6968) or Cedric Davis (334 229-6998).

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Useful Web Sites

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Your Comments

Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think about this guide. Has it helped with your research? Do you have any suggestions for improving the guide? You may e-mail Inga Moten ( or call her at (334) 229-1074 with your comments and suggestions.

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