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The purpose of this course research guide is to acquaint you with some of the resources in the University Library and on the World Wide Web useful for your research. Should you have questions, stop by the Reference Desk on the first floor. You may also call the Reference Desk at (334) 229-4110 during the hours the Library is open.


Reference Sources

Sources in the Library's Reference Collection and similar sources online can help you find brief factual information quickly. Be sure to browse the shelves near the sources listed below to find others.

Education Encyclopedias

  • Encyclopedia of Educational Research
    Main Reference: LB 15 .E48 1992
  • International Encyclopedia of Education
    Main Reference: LB 15 .I569 1994


  • Bibliographic Index
    Main Reference: Z 1002 .B595



  • Mental Measurements Yearbook (Buros)
    Main Reference: Z 5814 .P8 B932
  • Test Critiques
    Main Reference Desk: BF 176 .T418
  • Tests in Print
    Main Reference: Z 5814 .E9 T47

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The best method for finding journal articles is to use one of the Library's online article databases. For additional information on the databases listed below and for others, explore our list of databases. Our databases are easily accessible off campus by clicking on the database name and typing in the information requested. If you need additional assistance with accessing the databases, contact Cedric Davis at (334) 229-6998.

Some of the databases provide access to the entire text of articles. If the text of an article is not available in a database, check for the journal title in Serials Solutions (ASU) to determine if the article is available in another online database. Also check HORNetCat, our online catalog, for availability of journals in the Serials Department on the third floor. You may order those not available in the Library or via a full-text database through Interlibrary Loan.

Education Databases

Additional Databases

Print Indexes/Abstracts

  • Current Index to Journals in Education
    Serials (3rd floor)
  • Education Index
    Serials (3rd floor)
  • PAIS International in Print
    Serials (3rd floor)
  • Physical Education Index
    Serials (3rd floor)

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ERIC Documents

The ERIC Document collection includes a variety of items such as curriculum materials, reports, lesson plans, conference papers, and much more pertaining to education. These are arranged by clearinghouses, which specialize in specific areas of education. ERIC documents are located on the Library's third floor in the ERIC microfiche cabinets. Many ERIC documents dating from 1993 to the present are full text through the EDRS database.

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Scholars often report the findings of their research in papers presented at conferences, congresses, symposia, workshops, and meetings. You can search for information on these papers through several of the Library's online databases and request those papers not available here through Interlibrary Loan.

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You'll also want to examine the research of other graduate students who prepared theses and dissertations. Information on these works is available online and in print. Dissertations and theses can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.



  • Master's Theses in Education
    Main Reference: Z 5816 .I6 A3
  • Master's Theses Directories
    Main Reference: Z 5055 .U5 M46
  • Dissertation Abstracts International, A: The Humanities and Social Sciences
    Serials (3rd floor): Bound Journals

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To expand your research to books not located in the Library or online in netLibrary, you may request other books through Interlibrary Loan or check them out from libraries in the Montgomery Higher Education Consortium.


Book Reviews

  • Book Review Digest
    Serials (3rd floor)
  • Book Review Index
    Serials (3rd floor)
  • Bowker's Books in Print (ASU)
  • Journal article databases appropriate for your topic

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Federal and state governments publish a plethora of information on many topics. Although the University Library is not a depository for government documents, you can request documents through Interlibrary Loan. You may also visit the Library at Auburn University Montgomery, which is a depository.

Federal Government Information

Alabama Government Information

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The World Wide Web is an outstanding but often bewildering source of information. Not everything you find will be authoritative, accurate, and valid. Try searching one of these databases to find more reliable Web sites.


You will use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association to cite your sources. A copy of the Manual is available at the Reference Desk on the first floor of the Library. Additional assistance with citing electronic publications is available from the APA online site and from Citation Machine, an interactive Web tool.


Your Comments

Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think about this guide. Has it helped with your research? Do you have any suggestions for improving the guide? You may e-mail Marsha V. Taylor ( or call her at (334) 229-6839 with your comments and suggestions.

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