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Media Center Policies & Procedures

Policy: To assist all members of the University community with any media related services they may require...

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Library Media Center policies and procedures


To assist all members of the University community with any media related services they may require.


  1. Request for use of classrooms/computer labs in the EMC areas must be made no later than 4 working days in advance by the requesting individual.

  2. Instructors are to supply their own tapes for videotaping services of each class session.

  3. Video camera usage is restricted to EMC personnel only. Students, however, may check out camcorders if available.

  4. All reviews of tapes must be done by appointment only, if not completed during normal class hours.

  5. All A.V. equipment will be checked out for a 2 day period, if the equipment is still needed after this period it must be returned and re-checked out. Students must present valid A.S.U. I.D. with the current semester sticker on it .Instructors not found in the LMS database must present required information (name, address, S.S. number, phone number) before items can be charged to them. There will be a 5$ a day fine for late returned items, up to 2 weeks for a maximum of $50. There will be a $50 dollar fine for damaged items. For an item damaged beyond repair there will be a fee of the replacement value of that item plus any overdue fine accrued.

  6. Equipment will not be transported outside of the library during inclement weather.

  7. There will be an upload of the database during the second week of each semester to update the patrons. Manual checkouts must be done if the patron cannot be found in the system.

  8. Evening students requiring use of AV equipment after hours must give a 1 day advanced notice. The desired item(s) may be picked up at the Circulation desk and must be returned there if the return time is after 5 p.m. The student must present a valid A.S.U. I.D. After hour videotape viewing can be done in the Curriculum Dept.

Service Procedures:

  1. A maximum of 2 days are required for materials to be laminated. Materials are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Only materials relating to A.S.U. students' class assignments and University related materials will be laminated.

  2. Materials cannot contain glitter, staples, or any form of metal.

  3. We require students/patrons to supply their own video and audio tapes when requesting tape duplication. The EMC reserves the right not to duplicate copyrighted materials.

  4. Requests for the taping of a University related event must be made a minimum of 14 days before the event.

  5. Transparencies must be made and laminations must be done by EMC personnel or student assistants only. Personal items or non-university related items will not be laminated.