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Requesting Materials

Procedure for Requesting Interlibrary Loan Material:

First check HORNetCat ( Online Public Access Catalog) to make sure that requested material is not available or library does not own the material. Please print all the information on the form and make sure the citation is correct. Please check that these fields are filled for Book Request:


Please make sure that fields are correctly filled for Article Request:

Title of Periodical/Journal, Author of Article, Title of Article, Volume, Issue#, Date, Pages.

If you need assistance with First Search Database to varify citation, please ask a staff at the public service desk for help. Please choose different journals to order article through Interlibrary Loan. Due to Copyright Restrictions we can not borrow more than five copies during a calendar year from any single periodical titile ( Not single issue). Interlibrary loan staff will process the ILL Request if the item is currently unavailable or if the requested material is currently on order.

LCCN# can be obtained from the Alabama Libraries Database.

The URL for Alabama Libraries Database is:

ISSN# FOR Journal Title can be obtained by searching:

ISBN # can be obtained by searching: