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What's New - September 2008


New titles recently added to the University Library’s collection include:
Beyond revenge: the evolution of the forgiveness instinct. McCullough, Michael B. (Main Stax BF 637 .R48 M43 2008).

This book is an analysis of the revenge and forgiveness instinct as well as how these desires occurred during human development. It also debunks the misconception that forgiveness should be likened to an “antidote” or a “cure” for the desire for revenge by stating that forgiveness evolved due our ancestors’ needs to preserve relationships with genetic relatives and other valuable relationship partners, making it less of an effort than usually assumed.

Clinical and professional reasoning in occupational therapy. Barbara A. Boyt Schell and John W. Schell. (Main Stax P.M 735 .C54 2008).

Summarizes current theories and research about clinical and professional reasoning and recommends strategies for teaching clinical reasoning in academic and practice settings.

Electronic health records: a practical guide for professionals and organizations. 3rd ed. Margaret K. Amatayakul. (Main Stax RA 976 .A532 2007).

Designed to facilitate appreciation and utilization for the electronic health record by all levels within the heath care environment. This edition includes strategies for intermediary steps for implementing the electronic health record.

Globally speaking: motives for adopting English vocabulary in other languages. Rosenhouse, Judith and Rotem Kowner (eds.). (Main Stax PE 1073 .G56 2008).

The volume examines the motives for lexical borrowing from English during the last century, the processes involved in the penetration of English vocabulary into new environments, and the extent of its integration into twelve languages representing several language families. Many of these absorbing languages are studied here for the first time.

Jesse Owens: a biography. Edmondson, Jacqueline. (Main Stax, Special Collections GV 697 .09 E35 2007).

Author Jacqueline Edmondson explores Owens’ struggles and hard-earned accomplishments, as well as how he paved the way for future generations of athletes, including color line shatterer, Jackie Robinson. A timeline, photos, and extensive bibliography of print and electronic sources supplement this biography of one of the greatest Olympic athletes in American history.

Multicultural aspects of disabilities: A guide to understanding and assisting minorities in the rehabilitation process, 2nd ed. Willie V. Bryan. (Main Stax HV 1569.3 .M55B79 2007).

Provides discussion of the roles of culture and diversity for persons with disabilities as they utilize rehabilitation services. This edition adds a new section, “Helping,” and a new chapter, “Religion and Diversity.”

Patriot fires: forging a new American nationalism in the Civil War North. Lawson, Melinda. (Main Stax E 468.9 .L39 2002).

Considered to be the first comprehensive study of the role that the Civil War played in the shaping of the American cultural and ideological nation-state.

Principles of assessment and outcome measurement for occupational therapist and physiotherapists:
theory, skills and application. Alison Layer Fawcett. (Main Stax RM 701 .F39 2007).

Provides clarity and understanding of the assessment processes, the familiarity with psychometric terms and the identification of test properties for the confident selection, implementation and use of appropriate standardized tests and outcome measures.

Reading educational research: how to avoid getting statistically snookered. Gerald W. Bracey. (Main Stax
LB 1028.25 .U6 B73 2006)

Through clarity and humor, Bracey explicitly defines statistical terminology in easy-to-understand language and even offering thirty-two specific principles for assessing the quality of research. Reading Education Research includes four major themes that every classroom teacher will find helpful as they read and discuss research: understanding data and how it is used and misused; uncovering how variables are used in the construction of scientifically based research and manipulated in politically motivated research; drawing conclusions about a study; and deciding whether the data presented is meaningful assessing the data that comes from standardized testing.

Setting leadership priorities: what’s necessary, what’s nice, and what’s got to go. Suzette Lovely. (Main Stax LB 2805 .L65 2006)

Setting Leadership Priorities teaches busy professionals how to distinguish between information, activities, and situations that must be retained, those that might be refined, and many that should be relinquished. Lovely’s conclusion, due to twenty years’ experience as a teacher and administrator, is that reducing frustration and overload helps administrators by increasing retention rates and improving success on the job, allowing them to redistribute leadership by delegating.

Stress, coning and development. 2nd edition. Aldwin, Carolyn M. (Main Stax BF 575 .575 A42 2007).

Now in a thoroughly revised and significantly expanded second edition, this volume comprehensively examines the nature of psychosocial stress, the strategies individuals use to cope with it, and the implications for adaptation and health across the lifespan.

Transforming school leadership with ISLLC and ELCC. Neil J. Shipman. (Main Stax LB 2831.92 .553 2007)

Standards published by the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) and the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) as explained in this work serve as a framework for examining key aspects of the principal’s job. Activities and suggestions for further reading are found at the end of each chapter.

Understanding and shaping curriculum: what we teach and why. Thomas W. Hewitt. (Main Stax LB 1570 MS 2006)

Readers are introduced to curriculum as knowledge, curriculum as work, and curriculum as professional practice. Author Thomas W. Hewitt discusses curriculum from theoretical and practical perspectives to not only acquaint readers with the study of curriculum, but also help them to become effective curriculum practitioners.


New titles recently added to the University Library’s collection include:

American educational research journal. (available in Serials — 3rd floor).

Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism (available in Serials — 3rd floor).

Exercise immunology review. (available in Serials — 3rd floor).

Journal of mixed methods research. (available in Serials — 3rd floor).

Journal of race and policy. (available in Serials — 3rd floor).

O, the Oprah magazine. (available in Special Collections).

Southern education music journal: SMEJ. (available in Serials — 3rd floor).


Recent additions to existing resources include:

Archival content has been purchased to supplement content within YourJournals@Ovid. The following journals are American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation, Clinical journal of sport medicine, International journal of rehabilitation research, Journal of orthopaedic trauma, Journal of pediatric orthopaedics Part B, and Pediatric physical therapy.

An additional e-book collection has also been purchased. We now have over 57,000 titles in the
collection. They can currently be searched via the netLibrary icon on the Database by Subject and Database by Title pages.

Reminder: To access netLibrary books from off-campus, you must create a username and password while on-campus.

New databases recently added to the University Library’s collection include:

American Song (vendor — Alexander Street Press)

Part of the Music Online package, information and recordings regarding all varieties of American music.

Contemporary Literary Criticism (vendor —Gale; available per Alabama Virtual Library)

Collection of critical essays on contemporary authors.

Monthly Labor Review Online (vendor U.S. departments. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Online version of above title with archive going back to 1981.