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New Acquisitions � July 2010


New titles recently added to the University Library’s collection include:

Black men built the Capitol: discovering African-American history in and around Washington, D.C.  Jesse J. Holland. (Main Stax, Special Collections F 205 .N4 H65 2007).

The first book of its kind, with comprehensive up-to-date details Historic sites along the Mall, such as the U.S. Capitol building, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, are explored from an entirely new perspective in this book, with never-before-told stories and statistics about the role of blacks in their creation.

Corporate Governance: Promises Kept, Promises Broken. Jonathan R. Macey. (Main Stax HD 2741 .M23 2008).

Corporate governance is about keeping promises to shareholders; failure to do so results in diminished investor confidence. Macey explains the relationship between corporate governance and the various market and nonmarket institutions and mechanisms used to control public corporations. He discusses how nonmarket corporate governance devices (boards, whistle-blowers) are highly susceptible to being co-opted by management and self-interest. Finally, a variety of possible means of corporate governance (shareholder voting, hedge funds, private equity funds) are examined.

Dewey : a small-town library cat who touched the world. Vicki Myron. (Main Stax SF 445.5 .M9

 A New York Times best-seller about Dewey, the beloved library cat of Spencer, Iowa.

Engaging the Eye Generation: Visual Literacy Strategies for the K-5 Classroom. Johanna Riddle. (Main Stax LB 1573 .R53 2009).

Students in the twenty-first century need more than just basic reading and writing skills to be literate. Today’s students must learn how to interpret and communicate information through a variety of digital and print-based media formats. In her twenty-five years of teaching experience, Johanna Riddle has shown teachers around the world how to integrate multimodal literacies in the classroom.

Experience Sampling Method: Measuring the Quality of Everyday Life. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. (Main Stax BF 76.6 .E94 H45 2007).

This is the first book to bring together the theoretical foundations and practical applications of the Experience Sampling Method (ESM), and the authors provide a step-by-step guide in nontechnical prose. By providing real-life examples, the authors are able to effectively give readers useful tips to consider before implementing a study.

Leading and Learning. Fred Steven Brill. (Main Stax LB 2805 .B78 2008).

Stories from over 260 interviews with school administrators, both new and experienced, to examine common themes, concerns, successes and failures. From these stories, practices and codes of behavior emerge to help administrators navigate the intricacy of their professions.

Mermaid chair, the. Sue Monk Kidd. (Main Stax PS 3611 .I44 M47 2005).

Sue Monk Kidd’s second novel (a New York Times best-seller) centers around an abbey’s beautiful and mysterious chair ornately carved with mermaids and dedicated to a saint who, legend claims, was a mermaid before her conversion. Around this chair, a series of relationships occur.

Mobilizing science: movements, participation, and the remaking of knowledge. Sabrina McCormick. (Main Stax Q 125 .M33 2009).

The rise of a new kind of social movement-one that attempts to empower citizens through the use of
expert scientific research is explored. Two very different case studies are examined: the anti-dam
movement in Brazil and the environmental breast cancer prevention movement in the U.S. These, and many other cases, show that the scientization of society, where expert knowledge is inculcated in multiple institutions and lay people are marginalized, give rise to these new types of movements.

New handbook of methods in nonverbal behavior research. Jinni Harrigan and Robert Rosenthal
(eds.) (Main Stax BF 637 .N66 N49 2008, E-book in netLibrary).

A successor to the 1982 Handbook of Methods in Nonverbal Behavior Research, this new edition is a substantially updated volume with 90% new material. It includes chapters on coding and method
-ological issues for a variety of areas in nonverbal behavior: facial actions, vocal behavior, and body
movement. This volume will be valuable for both new researchers and those already working in the
fields of nonverbal behavior, affect expression, and related topics.

Stealth reconstruction: the untold story of racial politics in recent Southern history. Glen Browder and Artemesia Stanberry. (Main Stax, Special Collections F 216.2 .B76 2010).

How the civil rights movement actually played out in Southern politics over the remainder of the twentieth century.

Tabloid valley: supermarket news and American culture. Paula E. Morton. (Main Stax PN 4888 .T3 M67 2009).

With sensational headlines and scandalous photos, supermarket tabloids dish out the dirt on everyone and everything from space aliens to Elvis and Britney. This book explores the cultural impact of the sensationalist press over the years.

Thinking Creatively at Work: A Sourcebook. Premilla D’Cruz. (Main Stax HD 53 .D35 2008).

This book offers a graded, holistic training program that fills a gap felt by management educators and trainers. It encompasses the mandates of the deficit and barrier models of creativity training, addressing techniques, facilitators and inhibitors. The program ensures lasting changes in the individual’s cognitive abilities and integrates these with his existing skills.

Weimar Germany: promise and tragedy. Eric D. Weitz. (Main Stax DD 237 .W47 2007).

A comprehensive history of the Weimar Republic examines the political, economic, cultural and social aspects.

Wetware: a computer in every living cell. Dennis Bray. (Main Stax QH 581.2 .B73 2009).

In clear, jargon-free language, Dennis Bray taps the findings of the new discipline of systems biology to show that the internal chemistry of living cells is a form of computation. Cells are built out of molecular circuits that perform logical operations, as electronic devices do, but with unique properties. Bray argues that the computational juice of cells provides the basis of all the distinctive properties of living systems.


New titles recently added to the University Library’s collection include:

American educational research journal. (available in Serials – Trailer #1).

Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism (available in Serials – Trailer #1).

Exercise immunology review. (available in Serials – Trailer #1).


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