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New Acquisitions - December 2008


New York Times best sellers from 2007 to earlier this year will soon be available for check-out on the New Book shelves. In honor of Mr. Obama’s election to the U.S. Presidency, the Main Stax copies of his book, The Audacity of Hope, will be made available as well.

New titles recently added to the University Library’s collection include:

Accounting and the global economy after Sarbanes-Oxley. Don E. Garner. (Main Stax HF 5686 .C7 G27 2008).

The authors clarify the reasons behind and consequences of the accounting profession's failure in auditing and self-regulation, as most firms placed consulting profits ahead of public audit duties. They show how Sarbanes-Oxley solutions, while not perfect, are major contributors to the profession's redemption, and have enabled it to rise to new heights of service and revenue. The book offers a detailed examination of accounting practitioners' past challenges and future prospects. It provides a realistic analysis of specific issues facing accounting and auditing firms today, including the growing problem of independence; the need for one set of international accounting standards and one set of auditing standards; adjustments facing the global financial system; and the impact of the Internet and communication systems on accounting firms.

Agony of victory: when winning isn’t enough. Steve Friedman. (Main Stax GV 697 .A1 F65 2007).

Per the book jacket, “This book follows the paths of fourteen ravaged champions in basketball, boxing, bowling, cycling, hiking, and running, who were driven by a burning need to prove themselves. Here are there painful journeys to grace and their eventual realization that no victory or athletic achievement can bring lasting happiness.”

Digital crime and forensic science in cyberspace.  Panagiotis Kanellis. (Main Stax HV 6773 .D55 2006, E-book collection).

Digital forensics is the science of collecting the evidence that can be used in a court of law to prosecute the individuals who engage in electronic crime.

Encyclopedia of American industries (2-volume set). (Main Reference HC 102 .E53 2008).

Volume I provides separate coverage of nearly 500 manufacturing industries, including information on historical events of consequence, as well as current trends and statistics. Volume II presents nearly 600 essays covering the vast array of services and other non-manufacturing industries in the United States, including Industry Snapshot, Organization & Structure, Background & Development, Current Conditions, Industry Leaders, Workforce, America and the World, Research & Technology.

The gene: a historical perspective. Ted Everson. (Main Stax QH 428 .E84 2007).


The gene: a historical perspective provides an overview of the field of genetics, with contemporary examples of its scientific, social and economic importance, and an emphasis on the historical development of the concept of the gene. The book includes a glossary of terms, a timeline of events, and a bibliography of accessible resources for students who wish to learn more about the gene.

A history of Royal Dutch Shell (4-volume set). (Main Reference HD 9575 .N44 K66 2007).

Includes the development of Royal Dutch Shell from the foundation of the two main constituting companies, the first oil crisis in 1973, the collapse of oil prices in 1986, and explores how the company responded to innovation in information technologies, and the return of globalization and privatization in the 1990s, with a major organizational overhaul. This book also discusses how in the early 21st century high oil prices, nationalizations and alarms about oil scarcity resurfaced, and the two parent companies were finally unified.

The Internet and American business. William Aspray, Paul E. Cerruzi. (Main Stax HE 7583 .U6 I57 2008).

The Internet and American business picks up where most scholarly histories of the Internet leave off—with the commercialization of the Internet established and its effect on traditional business a fact of life. These essays, describing challenges successfully met by some companies and failures to adapt by others, trace the impact of the commercialized Internet since 1995 on American business and society, describes new business models, new companies and adjustments by established companies, the rise of e-commerce, and community building; it considers dot-com busts and difficulties encountered by traditional industries; and it discusses such newly created problems as copyright violations associated with music file-sharing.

Making a performance : devising histories and contemporary practices. Emma Govan. (main Stax  PN 2193 .E86 G68 2007).

This introduction to the theory, history and practice of devised performance explores how performance-makers have built on the experimental aesthetic traditions of the past. It looks to companies as diverse as Australia's Legs on the Wall, Britain's Forced Entertainment and the USA-based Goat Island to show how contemporary practitioners challenge orthodoxies to develop new theatrical languages. This study offers clear, practical examples of concepts and ideas that have shaped some of the most vibrant and experimental practices in contemporary performance.

Multiculturalism and intergroup relations : psychological implications for democracy in global context. Fathali M. Moghaddam. (Main Stax HM 1271 .M63 2008).

Current psychological theories on intergroup relations are applied to a variety of cultures and conflicts across the globe. While focusing primarily on the effect of globalization and how it facilitates cultural homogenization, Moghaddam examines what psychological research and theory can teach us about democracy and policies for managing diversity.

SAP business information warehouse reporting: building better BI with SAP BI 7.0. Peter Jones. (ASU eBook Collection)

SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting shows you how to construct Enterprise Data Warehouses, create workbooks and queries, analyze and format results, and supply meaningful reports. Learn how to use the BEx and Web Analyzers, Web Application Designer, Visual Composer, and Information Broadcaster. You will also find out how to forecast future business trends, build enterprise portals and websites, and tune performance.

Teachers as Classroom Coaches. Andi Stix & Frank Hrbek. (Main Stax LB 1065 .S75 2006; Also available as eBook)

In Teachers as Classroom Coaches, the authors provide methods used by professional coaches to assist students in raising achievement in all subject areas. These strategies have been used successfully in many diverse classrooms in the United States and can help to ensure harmonious group work, improve organizational and note-taking skills, resolve conflicts among students, and empower students by allowing them ownership of their work.

Teachers in Professional Communities. Ann Lieberman & Lynne Miller. (Main Stax LB 1025.3 .T44 2008)

In Teachers in Professional Communities, the authors provide research-based descriptions of how professional communities grow and evolve. Using the themes of context, capacity, content, commitment, and challenge, Lieberman and Miller examine research studies, personal reflections, and five cases to unearth new insights and knowledge.

Why We Teach. Sonia Nieto. (Main Stax LB 1775.2 .W49 2005)

Nieto has collected the insights and inspirations of both veteran and new K-12 teachers as they reflect on how and why they find purpose and value in the work they do. Together, these perspectives help answer the question: Why do we teach?



New titles recently added to the University Library’s collection include:

American educational research journal. (available in Serials – 3rd floor).

Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism (available in Serials – 3rd floor).

Exercise immunology review. (available in Serials – 3rd floor).



Recent additions to existing resources include:

An additional e-book collection has also been purchased. We now have over 57,000 titles in the collection. They can currently be searched via the netLibrary icon on the Database by Subject and Database by Title pages.

Reminder: To access netLibrary books from off-campus, you must create a username and password while on-campus.

New databases recently added to the University Library’s collection include:

Chronicle of Higher Education Online (vendor-Chronicle of Higher Education)

Online version of “Chronicle of Higher Education” including searchable archive.

SAGE Education Full-text Collection (vendor – SAGE)            

Part of the Music Online package, information and recordings regarding all varieties of American music.