Historical Overview

The library was initiated in 1921 during the administration of President George Washington Trenholm. The occasion for the opening of the library was a Founder's Day. For several subsequent years this special day served as a period for "Library Showers," at which time gift books were given. This was the primary source of new acquisitions during this time.

The President appointed as his first librarian, Mrs. Annie W. Doak, who served until her death on November 19, 1923. A new librarian, Miss Effie Wheat was appointed. She conducted a book inventory which revealed a total number of 1,701 volumes. Following Miss Wheat was Mrs.Genevieve Griffin whose tenure was approximately one year. Miss Emma Lou Goff became librarian for a short period of time subsequent to Mrs. Griffin. Miss Ollie L. Brown, a teacher in the elementaryschool and the college, was appointed head librarian in 1925, and served in that position until her retirement in 1961.

The systematic classification of books in the library was begun in 1925 under Miss Brown's administration. A new college administration building, Paterson Hall, was occupied in 1928, and in 1931 the library was placed in room 13. In 1937 under the WPA program, the attic (third floor) of Paterson Hall was remodeled and used as a library.

In February 1943, an attempt was made to increase the library collection. Dr. Eliza Gleason of Atlanta University and Dr. Walter G. Daniels of Howard University were engaged as consultants for the library development. Students from Atlanta University School of Library Service were employed in recataloging the holdings of the library. A special cataloging staff was used during the summer of 1943 to accelerate recataloging which resulted in discarding approximately half the volumes. At the end of the project, about 4,500 volumes were left.

The old library building was constructed in 1948 and occupied during the fall of that year. It was given the name of the College's third President, George W. Trenholm.

Subsequent Directors:

In September 1972, the Library became known as the Learning Resources Services with expanding capabilities and a volume count of 113,494. The name was changed again when the new library facility was completed in 1977 to University Library and Learning Resources located in the ultra-modern Levi Watkins Learning Center.