Bibliographic Details

You can display information about a record, including bibliographic information. If there is more than one record associated with the title you selected, you can view the remaining records by clicking the or icons.

For Keyword Searches, the search terms you typed in display in italic text.

You can save information about the current records displayed in several ways as shown in the Save Options section.

If you only want to save information about specific records,

  1. Mark the record(s) you are interested in by clicking on the white box on the left side of the screen if under Save Options you want to save only those records you selected. Otherwise, you can choose to save all of what you see displayed on the page.

  2. Under the Save Options section, select "All on page" in order to save your display. Click on "Selected on Page" to save only those options you checked.

  3. Under Format, select the format to save the record(s): ASCII text or MARC format

  4. Click the save button to save the record(s). Click the Clear Selected to clear the checkmarks from all of the current titles.

If you want to save information about all of the current records,

  1. Click "All on Page" in the Save Options section.

  2. Select the format in which you want to save the record(s): ASCII text or MARC format

  3. Click the save button to save the record(s); the records display in the format you chose. Select Save from the File menu to save to a disk or to the hard drive of your machine if that option is available to you. You can also set options within your browser software in order to send/retrieve your selected records. Investigate your save options to pick the most convenient method for you. Click the Clear Selected button to clear the check boxes.

  4. You can also place a hold/recall or call slip on the item.

To begin a new search, click the icon. The Title Bar at the top of the page will display your current WebVoyage location.

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