Searching with WebVoyage

You can search for records using WebVoyage's searching options. Click a search option from the search menu. The search options are keyword, heading, builder, command and course reserve. These searches are library defined so the names and availability of what is described in this help and what you see on your display file might vary.

 Builder Search

A Builder search finds records using keywords located anywhere in a record, or only in specific fields.

To perform a Builder search:

  1. Type in the search term(s) you want to find in the Search For  free text field. (Punctuation, case, and word order are ignored.) Your search terms are automatically truncated on the right, so you don't need to use a question mark (?) for truncation.

Default search criteria can be modified for your search:


Start with the first search box and modify the Boolean operators between terms as needed.

  1. Click the Limits icon if you want to limit your keyword search based on other criteria.

  2. Change the number of records displayed per page if desired.

Click the Search button to begin your search. Click the Reset button to clear the search page.


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