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The Different Names of Alabama State University

1867 - 1887
The Lincoln Normal School, which was located in Marion, Alabama.

On December 6, 1873, the State Board of Education of Alabama authorized through Enactment No. 17 the establishment of the "The State Normal School and University for Colored Students and Teachers" at Marion.

On February 25, 1887, the State Legislature of Alabama authorized the discontinuance of the school at Marion and the establishment of "The Alabama Colored Peoples University" at a suitable location. The first session of this "Alabama Colored Peoples University" was opened at Montgomery on October 3, 1887. In February 1889, the State Legislature established "The State Normal School for Colored Students."

1874 - 1887
State Normal School and University, located in Marion, Alabama
1887 - 1889
Alabama Colored People’s University, located in Montgomery, Alabama
1889 - 1928
Normal School for Colored Students
1928 - 1946
State Teachers College
1946 - 1954
Alabama State College for Negroes
1954 - 1969
Alabama State College
1969 -
Present Alabama State University